Exhausted to Energized


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Jenni is a Certified Holistic Nutrition Practitioner with a diploma in Applied Nutrition from alive Academy.  She is passionate about health, wellness, and how we can control both through proper nutrition, healthy lifestyle practice and stress management.

Jenni was a licensed practical nurse for many years under the College of Licensed Practical Nurses of Alberta (CLPNA).  Being laid off from a nursing job, she decided to leave nursing to pursue a career in the principles behind proper nutrition. A big realization emerged when she came to understand that  our bodies can respond to many things so much quicker than pills alone.

Her passion started in 2016 when a new chapter of her life began, starting her journey in Holistic nutrition. After years of ignoring symptoms of exhaustion, Jenni decided to take her life from surviving to thriving.  Researching and discovering ways to improve her everyday life she is not just surviving life anymore!

Today, Jenni is on a heart driven mission to share her passion, knowledge, and experience with women who take care of others.  By witnessing women enjoying and prioritizing self-care WITHOUT feeling guilty, she is changing lives for them and their families.

Jenni Hartt, Holistic Nutrition & Lifestyle Coach