Welcome New Clients:

All new clients begin with an Initial Consultation (60-90 min) – $90.00:

  • Includes:
    • Basic nutrition assessment
    • Food questionnaire
    • Review of food journal which I will ask you to do for three days before the appointment
    • Discuss personal and/or family goals
    • Discuss fears or challenges

Individual Services Offered:

  • 45min follow-ups (Weekly) —$60.00/wk
    • Includes:
      • Points and accountability questions from reminder emails
      • Celebration of successes
      • Discuss any challenges and conquer them
      • Meal plan discussion and tips for upcoming week(s)
      • 1-2 email questions each week
    • Weekly Meal plans —$60.00/wk
      • What to eat and when depending on you or your loved one’s nutritional needs.
      • This is a collaborative effort!!
    • Grocery Store / Farmers Market tours – $75.00
      • A 1.5-hour tour to help with grocery shopping for the week
      • Your choice of venue!
    • Kitchen cleanup — $75.00
      • A one-hour cleanup of your kitchen with tips & tricks
      • Know what you should and should not keep and why
    • Grocery budget — $75.00
      • This can be tricky and daunting for most, I can help
    • Family plans—Package priced
    • Speaking Engagements for group events:
      • $200.00 – 300.00 for groups up to 20 people
      • $400.00 – 500.00 for groups of 20 or more

Check in with your health benefits provider or corporate benefits package, you may be eligible for partial reimbursement towards “Nutritional Consulting” services.